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All our freediving courses, intensive training camps and coaching sessions include theory, workshops, dry and in-water sessions. All Molchanovs certifications will grant you access to our training program to keep improving your techniques and your performances. All services offered in Croatia, Turkey or Egypt.

Freediving is actually one of the oldest forms of diving, but has been growing steadily in popularity as a sport in recent decades. It is the practice of holding your breath when diving underwater without the use of breathing equipment. Freediving is a way of life for some, a competitive sport for others, and a hobby for many. Freediving is also an activity that people use to explore themselves. Self-awareness is an important part of the sport, and freedivers constantly challenge themselves mentally and embark on a journey into their own mind with each dive.

Whether you’re discovering freediving or already are an experienced freediver, you will be able to master the basics to freedive efficiently and safely, increase your knowledge and improve your technique and relaxation within a few days.

All our freediving courses, intensive training camps and coaching sessions include theory, workshops, dry and in-water sessions. All Molchanovs certifications will grant you access to a base training which will help you improve your techniques and your performances by constant training.


Freediving courses, training and coaching sessions

Levels : Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Dates : March 01-18, 2024 | April 08-30, 2024

Prices : available upon request

About freediving in Dahab, Egypt

Known as the Mecca of freediving, Dahab is located an hour north of Sharm-El-Sheik, in Sinai, Egypt. Climate and water conditions offer a perfect setup to dive year-round.

With two main locations (Lighthouse – up to 50m depth – and the Blue Hole – up to 92m depth), short swims to reach both dive sites, warm waters and very little swell and current, you will be able to dive anytime during your stay (on a 2 days on – 1 day off basis).

Molchanovs freediving courses (Wave 1 for beginners, Wave 2 for intermediate and Wave 3 for advanced levels) can be taught. If you’re already a certified freediver, you can also sign up for training and coaching sessions (dry, pool, depth).

For more information about availability, prices and planning your trip, drop us a message.


Tailor-made periodized training plan for certified freedivers

Levels : Beginner | Intermediate

Duration : 1 month minimum

Price : 150 € / month

About the 1-on-1 online coaching program

Are you a certified freediver and you want to improve your skills and performances, but lack knowledge on how to train effectively or set up a proper training plan ?

With our tailor-made, structured and periodized training plan, you will be focusing on improving your skills such as equalization, mental techniques, flexibility, dive technique et strategy  for either pool or depth disciplines.

Before signing up, you will have access to a FREE assessment over a face-to-face call, so you can find out if this is the coaching you are looking for !

Train smarter, not harder. Get a professional coach.

What is included in the 1-on-1 online coaching program :

    • 4-12 week-long personalized training plan, updated on a weekly basis
    • Detailed instructions for each workout / session
    • Online logbook & progress tracking
    • Video and training periodization analyses
    • Weekly face-to-face online meetings
    • Unlimited communication by email / WhatsApp
    • Weekly face-to-face online meetings

Molchanovs beginner-level freediving course

Level : Beginner | L1 : pool only - W1 : pool + open water

Duration : 2 days

Price : 280 €

About the WAVE 1 / LAP 1 freediving course

In this introductory course, you learn the basics of freediving and discover your natural freediving ability. You are taught to learn techniques to hold your breath beyond 1 min 30 and to do breath-hold dives with and without fins.

Topics include physics and physiology of freediving, an introduction to freediving equalization, relaxation and breathing techniques, and rescue and safety procedures.

If you are taking the WAVE 1 course, you are also taught to freedive to a depth of 12-20 meters in open water, while the LAP 1 course is a pool-only certification.

What is included in the WAVE 1 / LAP 1 beginner course :

    • 1-day course (LAP 1)
    • 2-day course (WAVE 1)
    • Theory course including online manual
    • Molchanovs certification
    • 2 dry workshops
    • 2 confined water sessions (LAP 1)
    • 2 confined water / 2 open water sessions (WAVE 1)

Molchanovs intermediate-level freediving course

Levels : Intermediate | L2 : pool only - W2 : pool + open water

Duration : 3 days

Price : 380 €

About the WAVE 2 / LAP 2 freediving course

In this intermediate course, you learn how to train your body for freediving and how to hold your breath for more than two and a half minutes. Topics include pre-dive optimization, improvement of Frenzel equalization, and introduction to the dolphin kick.

If you are taking the WAVE 2 course, you will master the skills and knowledge needed to freedive comfortably to a depth of 24-30 meters in open water, including using gravity on your deeper dives to go into free fall. Once certified, you will have access to a 12-week training program to keep improving your techniques and performances.

What is included in the WAVE 2 / LAP 2 intermediate course :

    • 2-day course (LAP 2)
    • 3-day course (WAVE 2)
    • Theory course including online manual
    • Molchanovs certification
    • 3 dry workshops
    • 3 confined water sessions (LAP 2)
    • 2 confined water / 3 open water sessions (WAVE 2)

Molchanovs advanced-level freediving course

Levels : Advanced | L3 : pool only - W3 : pool + open water

Duration : 5 days

Price : 480 €

About the WAVE 3 / LAP 3 freediving course

 In this advanced-level course, you will learn to equalize below your residual volume to achieve greater depth performances and hold your breath for over three and a half minutes. Topics include advanced relaxation techniques such as attention deconcentration and an introduction to deep Frenzel and mouthfill equalization.

If you are taking the WAVE 3 course, you are taught how to train in preparation to freedive comfortably to a depth of 34-40m in open water.

What is included in the WAVE 3 / LAP 3 advanced course :

    • 3-day course (LAP 3)
    • 5-day course (WAVE 3)
    • Theory course including online manual
    • Molchanovs certification
    • 3 dry workshops
    • 3 confined water sessions (LAP 3)
    • 3 confined water / 4 open water sessions (WAVE 3)

Personalized in-water training session for certified freedivers

Levels : Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Duration : 2 hours

Price : 40 € | Package 5 sessions : 190 € | Package 10 sessions : 360 €

About the training / coaching session

If you already are a certified freediver and wish to spend more time with an instructor to refine your skills, get deeper or work on some specific aspects of your dives, then freediving training and coaching sessions are what you’re looking for.

You will be provided a tailor made training to suit your level and you will be coached and given feedback on dive technique and strategy, as well as providing you proper safety.

Training and coaching sessions can be taken individually or as a package and you can also decide whether you prefer to share the session with other freedivers or get the full attention of the instructor just for yourself.

What is included in the training / coaching session :

    • briefing / debriefing before and after the session
    • in-water training / coaching session
    • safety equipment

Molchanovs T1 / T2 / T3 certifying freediving course

Levels : Beginner (T1) - Intermediate (T2) - Advanced (T3) | DRY practice only

Duration : 1 day (4-6 hours)

Price : 120 €

About the online theory course

Get started with your freediving without getting wet ! You can complete the theory section of any course level online while going over all relaxation and breathing techniques (so-called “dry skills”) and perform your first breath holds. Once certified, you will have access to a Dry Base Training program which is a combination of dry and equalization training to help to improve even when you don’t have access to the water.

With this certification, you are well prepared to cover your pool (LAP) and/or open water (WAVE) requirements. It is a perfect opportunity to get a head start for your next freediving trip, develop fine motor skills to equalize more efficiently, and prepare your body and mind best for the underwater world awaiting you!

What is included in the Online Theory course :

    • 1-day course (4 to 6 hours)
    • Theory course including online manual
    • Molchanovs certification
    • 2 dry workshops
    • Small groups only: from 1 to 4 students
    • Access to a dry base training program
    • Possibility to upgrade to corresponding LAP x / WAVE x courses

Intensive week-long freediving training

Levels : Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Duration : 5-7 days

Price : quote upon request

About the freediving training camp

Freediving training camps are one-week long intensive training sessions for certified freedivers who wish to dedicate their full time to freediving. Each day is planned and tailored to each diver’s specific goals or needs.

They are designed to be more practical and training oriented than courses. Dive sessions are planned everyday, along with pool or dry training, stretching and equalization sessions, dive and mental techniques and lectures about diet, dive strategy and how to structure your training.

The aim is to give you a solid idea of how you can construct a proficient base training program for future training cycles, whether that be for a progressive approach or to get yourself diving fit for an upcoming holiday.

What is included in the freediving training camp :

    • 5 to 7 day-long freediving training camp (including 1 full rest day)
    • Daily theory lectures & dry workshops
    • 4-6 pool / open water sessions
    • Certifying courses / certifications upon request

Full schedule is sent to participants, according to the location, number and level of students, a few weeks before the start date.


I had the priviledge to follow my first SSI course with Nicolas, and his trainings were ideal for me to quickly feel confident in progressing fast.
He is very calm, respectful and reassuring, and welcomes your insecurities in a way that allows you to overcome your fears and difficulties.
I definitely recommend Nicolas !

Alexis E – Wave 1 – March 27, 2023

Great experience – have learned a lot and significantly improved my diving skills and confidence during Wave 1 course. Nicolas is amazing instructor – very professional, knowledgeable and at the same time he adapts his teaching skills to each individual student, with lots of patience and valuable advices (especially regarding my equalization problems). Would definitely recommend a diving course with Freediving Cruises.

Emina S – Wave 1 – August 30, 2022

I reluctantly resumed freediving after having a serious sinuses accident while diving. Nico was recommended to me to have individual coaching and I couldn’t be happier with the experience, we started very slowly to make sure no issues were seen due to equalization and he quickly coached me to my previous level, Nico also provided me with dry lessons and gave me many tips in and out of the water to able to reach my personal best time after time. I would be more than happy to recommended him to anyone! I’m sure we’ll be diving again together at some point, see you in the future in Dahab.

Victor G – 1-on-1 coaching – March 17, 2022

I had some training sessions with Nicolas, he was a super patient and experienced freediver, instructor and coach. I would highly recommend to have a freediving journey with him, he can easily point out your problems during diving and give you valuable tips which helps me a lot in going deeper comfortably. He makes you feel calm and safe in the water, I had some of the most joyful training experiences with him.

Alice S – Training / Coaching sessions – February 12, 2022

Nico was my Wave 1 teacher. Before the course I was hesitating about balancing my ear under the water because before I struggled during the scuba diving. After talking with him in the school, he calmed me down and explain how it works before even I booked the session. Then I could feel brave enough to try it. Thanks to him it was great and fun couple of days. I realized I could hold my breath and swim under water more than I could ever imagine. And once it was time to go deeper, I did it thanks to his calming, explaining method. Thanks a lot for making me giving chance to myself.. Don’t hesitate to dive deep with him!

Gökben B – Wave 1 – November 6, 2021

Nico was my first ever freediving instructor, and I loved being trained by him for Molchanovs Wave 1. He was very attentive to details while we studied theory, He answered every of my questions and had a great patience. In the water you feel really safe and comfortable with assistance of Nicolas, who explains everything step by step, gives you tips and helps to solve the issues! Now I can dive 16 m.

Aleksandra I – Wave 1 – March 6, 2023

I am satisfied with the coaching, relevant and effective advice.
Nicolas responds very quickly.
I’m starting my 7th week of coaching and the results are there

Baptiste L – 1-on-1 coaching – March 1, 2023

I took a Wave 1 freediving class with Nicolas and had a blast. Nicolas brought a breadth of freediving knowledge and experience that made my first exposure to open water freediving so enriching. I definitely plan on continuing my practice of freediving using what I have learned and hope to one day take a Wave 2 course because of how much I felt I got out of the course. Thanks for the great experience!

Jack G – Wave 1 – July 22, 2022

I did my 10 coaching sessions with Nicolas. He’s really careful and a committed coach. He helped me a lot to gain confidence, patience and improve my skills. I would definitely recommend him if you’re planning to step up in your freediving goals. Thanks a lot.

Michele U – 1-on-1 coaching – February 26, 2022

I did Wave 1 course with Nicolas. Before this course I did some coaching sessions in freediving but I couldn’t go deeper than 8 meters. I thought that I had some physical condition that limited me. With Nico we started from the scratch – he offered me different exercises to work on my equalization. And by the end of the course I reached 16 meters which I thought was impossible. I’m very grateful that I discovered that my limits were not real and I can go deeper. I did discover my new self.

Aleksandra S – Wave 1 – January 16, 2022

Amazing experience. I increased my technique and comfort in the water and it had a significant impact on my performances. Thanks Nicolas for all your advice and your approach to freediving. I was stunned by the results and being able to dive to 30 meters !

Marek B – Freediving training camp – July 13, 2021


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