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How do you deal with COVID-19 precautions / restrictions ?

Coronavirus is affecting everyone worldwide, including sailors and freedivers, from individual travelers to professionals. Because you are about to spend a week in a foreign country and sailing with a group of 8 to 10 individuals living altogether for a week, we require all our guests to provide us with a negative COVID-19 PCR test of less than 72 hours before entering the country. That way, we will all be enjoying the freediving cruise while we keep respecting a few rules in order to prevent he further spread of the virus when applicable.

Even though the CDC website confirmed that “there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters” , we yet decided to implement health and safety guidelines and modified our freediving practices in order to do our part to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Teaching a freediving course typically entails a lot of direct contact and rescue scenarios where we play the role of the victim. We thus encourage online study before the freediving cruise starts as well as avoiding contact during the rescue scenarios and substituting a few drills implying direct contact in the water with contactless dry workshops.

We will also refund your deposit (except for expenses we had already sustained) if you have to cancel your booking because of last minute restrictions from your departure point / to your final destination. You can always check with us, local authorities or government entities before determining when and if it’s safe to travel or leave your home. Freediving Cruises cannot be held as responsible for any governmental restriction changes occurring after booking.

For more information , please read our Terms & Conditions

What if I have no knowledge of sailing / freediving ?

Our cruises are open to all from the age of 12, whether you’re beginners in freediving / sailing or you already have a significant experience.

The only requirements we have is for you to be able to swim a distance of 200 meters and to provide a medical certificate stating you are fit for freediving.

What kind of cruises do you offer ?

Our skilled and experienced team can offer the following trips:


This one-week long cruise led by freediving instructors will help you master the basic techniques of freediving (equalization, breathing, relaxation, safety, etc.) as well as a whole new self. You will also be sailing from one spot to another and enjoy the underwater world and what it has to offer like you ever did before.



We provide a yoga retreat on a sailing holiday. While sailing and island hopping, stopping in the most beautiful bays, a yoga instructor will guide you through a European yoga retreat style experience with daily yoga in the most beautiful locations and evening meditation.



Experience life at sea and get to discover sailing and freediving among other activities of your choice while island hopping and making the most out of every spot. That’s the perfect choice for families who want to spend time together while mixing active and passive activities that satisfy both younger and older generations, or adults who prefer having a themed holiday and know what they want to focus on during their free time.

For all our trips, choose any date you wish and join us for an unforgettable experience !

What is the entry-level freediving course about ?

Our certified freediving instructors will arrange the freediving schedule depending on your freediving skill level and experience.

By means of online videos and a course manual, you will learn:

  • Physics and physiological basics of freediving
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Mental techniques / relaxation
  • Introduction to equalization
  • Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • Potential trauma
  • Multiple choice exam

During the confined water sessions you will learn:

  • Introduction of freediving equipment
  • Static breath holds (STA)
  • Techniques: Finning technique, body position and turns
  • Dynamic diving (DYN)
  • Introduction to Dynamic without Fins (DNF)
  • Buddy and rescue procedures

In the open water sessions you can apply all that you have already learnt from the theory and confined water sessions :

  • Introductions of techniques: Duck dives, body positioning, equalization
  • Basic safety and rescue: Buddy and rescue procedures
  • Freediving techniques: Free Immersion (FIM) & Constant Weight (CWT) to 12-20m depth.

Once you complete all theoretical and physical requirements, you will be certified in freediving with Molchanovs and will be able to continue your education anywhere in the world.

What should I bring for the freediving cruise ?

You can find hereafter a list of the main items you should pack :

  • Most of the specific equipment necessary to practice freediving will be provided (buoys, dive ropes, weight belts and weights, safety lanyards). All you need to bring with you is a freediving wetsuit (ideally 3 to 5 mm thick), a low-volume mask and a snorkel. If you don’t have any of these, don’t worry : you can rent it for the entire duration of the cruise or order a custom-made wetsuit at a discounted price that will be delivered at the embarkment port before your arrival.
  • Photography camera and underwater case if you are into it
  • Enough clothing for a week-long cruise (including swimsuits / bikinis, light clothing). Do bring a thick sweater for the nights out
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and beach towel
  • Hygiene products
If you are prone to seasickness, we advise you to bring a remedy that you usually use for this case

Please contact us for any equipment-related inquiries.

What if I don't have any freediving equipment ?

If you don’t have any freediving equipment (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins), don’t worry : you can rent it for the entire duration of the cruise or order a custom-made wetsuit at a discounted price that will be delivered at the embarkment port before your arrival.

Please contact us for any equipment-related inquiries.

What is included ?

What is included in the price :

  • 8-day / 7-night cruise
  • Accommodation aboard the sailboat / catamaran for the time of the cruise
  • Coffee, tea and post dive refreshments
  • Specific diving equipment (buoys, dive ropes, weight belts, lead weights, safety lanyards)

What is not included in the price :

  • Transfers to and from disembarkation harbor on the first and final day of your cruise, from a local hotel or airport
  • Land excursions and visit entrance fees where applicable.
  • Flight tickets
  • Travel, dive and repatriation insurances, visas and related fees
  • Airport taxes and extra baggage fees
  • Airport to hotel transfers
  • Marina, mooring and marine park fees
  • Other diving rental equipment
  • Staff / crew gratuities
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fuel surcharges
Can I choose a specific route ?

Of course! We offer you a wide range of different routes in four different countries that can always be discussed while we prepare your freediving cruise or during the briefing on the day of embarkment.

Which other activities can we perform besides freediving and sailing ?

Side activities available can be : yoga, sea kayaking, SUP, beach visits, cultural tours, scuba diving, climbing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, etc. Contact us to request any extra activities and we will communicate with you on this matter.

Can I join if I travel alone / as a group ?

Of course ! Depending whether you are chartering the boat or a cabin only, we will offer several possibilities so you can join the freediving cruise.

What is the schedule like ?

08.00 Light breakfast
09.00 Freediving / Yoga
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Free time / extra activities
15.00 Freediving / Fun dive / visits
18.00 Lectures / Workshops
19.00 Dinner

Sailing to the next destination will be arranged when needed and might take from 30 minutes to a couple hours. Time for sailing will be determined by the captain depending on the weather conditions and the freediving schedule.

What is the accommodation like ?

We like to keep our groups small for a better experience and so that the crew can give enough attention to all whether for freediving, sailing or any other activities.

Our sailboats and catamarans are very comfortable vessels that can accommodate up to 6 to 8 guests in double cabins or double bunk beds. Guests share a double cabin with their own private bathroom.

Our sailboats and catamarans are equipped with a dinghy and snorkel equipment so you can fully enjoy your time at sea during your journey.

The captain will brief you about safety, itinerary and living altogether prior to setting off.

Can I smoke ?

Even though smoking is not recommended for freediving, smoking is allowed on the outside deck only, for safety reasons.

Are there any medical restrictions for freediving ?

Freediving is an exciting and demanding activity. When performed correctly, applying correct techniques, it is a safe sport.

To freedive safely, you should not be extremely overweight or out of condition. Freediving can be strenuous under certain conditions. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. We will provide you with a medical questionnaire when signing up for your freediving cruise.

If you have any specific conditions that require specific attention or to adapt the course, you can contact us so we can give you our professional point of view. You can also get your own medical certificate signed by your personal medicine practitioner declaring you are fit for freediving.

What if I have special food / diet requirements ?

Let us know at the time of the booking and we will take great care of your food preferences (allergies, special diet, etc)

Do I need an insurance ?

A fully comprehensive travel insurance is now mandatory due to the present COVID situation. The insurance should cover you personally for incidents such as; accidents, medical assistance, baggage loss/damage, trip/flight cancellation and/or interruption, personal liability and effects, when a booking is made. All guests should ensure they have appropriate insurance to cover the activities they will be undertaking during their trip, regardless of risk.

Please be advised that if guests choose not to carry travel insurance, Freediving Cruises will not be held responsible for any unforeseen financial expenses caused by reasons beyond our control.

We require all divers to have a diving insurance policy that includes medical evacuation for the whole duration of the trip, Freediving Cruises will require a copy of your insurance policy, at least 24 hours prior to embarkment. You are also required to carry a copy of your policies with you during your trip.

This insurance should take into consideration the costs involved in diving-related accident treatment including hyperbaric treatment and/or repatriation. In the case of a diving accident, or other accident, where the accident was not caused by a service provided by Freediving Cruises, Freediving Cruises will not be held responsible, and any requests for compensation will be refused.

We highly recommend dive insurances or travel & diving insurance packages offered by the Divers Alert Network and Dive Assure. Please visit their website for more information

How much does it cost and how to pay ?

Total price of the freediving cruise depends on the destination, the period of the year as well as the package you choose and the extra activities you would like to carry out.

Payment method is as follows : 1/2 of the total price should be paid at the time of the booking, either via online banking or bank transfer. The rest should be paid 30 days before the boarding date.

For more information , please read our Terms & Conditions

What is the cancellation policy ?

Deposits of 1/2 of the total price are non-refundable. However, we will do our best to reschedule your freediving cruise at no extra cost if there are any possibilities to do so.

For more information , please read our Terms & Conditions


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