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THERAPEUTIC SAILING JOURNEY Embark on a life transition

Sailing & Freediving therapy | Croatia

2800 €  per person
Includes taxes and fees

Duration : 8 days / 7 nights

Dates 2024 : July 27 – August 3

Cabin charter : max. 6 participants

Cruise type : Sailing & Freediving therapy

Amidst the vast blue expanse, our therapeutic sailing journey offers you a unique escape, tailored for individuals at life’s crossroads, seeking to navigate through significant life transitions. Whether you are in search of a professional renewal, emotional rebirth, or contemplating a major life decision such as relocating or reinventing your identity, this experience is crafted just for you.

Why choose sailing for your transition ?

Sailing embodies the departure into the unknown, a powerful means of detaching from the mundane to embrace new vistas. This voyage is a metaphor for life, where leaving the harbour signifies shedding constraints to open up to new horizons. Sailing teaches us to let the winds of change guide us, to anticipate and adapt to the unexpected while staying true to our course. Upon your return, equipped with a renewed vision, you will be ready to shape your life with newfound clarity.

Freediving : a dive into self-rediscovery

Freediving, a key component of our journey, is more than just a physical activity; it’s an invitation to push your boundaries and dismantle limiting beliefs that hinder your growth. This discipline offers a tangible experience of your ability to overcome challenges, thereby bolstering confidence in your personal strength.


Your guidance onboard

During this exceptional week, you will be accompanied by Nicolas, an experienced skipper and freediver, and Alexis, a specialized coach, therapist, and trainer. Together, they will provide a safe and inspiring environment for you to explore your deepest aspirations. Alexis’ training is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to clearly identify your ideal life path and align with your most authentic aspirations.

Alexis Eischen

Alexis EISCHEN is a transformative coach and therapist, specializing in life transitions, particularly in personal revolution.

Nine years ago, he experienced a significant awakening (similar to Eckhart Tolle) that transformed his life and led him to help others break free from their patterns and live a life full of meaning.

A born traveller, he initially led groups through holotropic breathing in his travels (since 2018) before becoming a mental preparation coach, hypnotherapist, and corporate and private client trainer.

His passion for free diving, martial arts, and travel has honed his keen sense for developing presence and illuminating both his inner path and those of others. He has developed an approach focused on the body, presence, and altered states of consciousness.

Nicolas Ayme

Nicolas will be your skipper onboard. He is the founder of Freediving Cruises and has been running sailing and freediving cruises in Croatia, Egypt, Türkiye, Greece and Italy since 2021.

Nicolas started freediving in 2018 on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand and shortly after, signed up for a freediving educational program in one of the most prestigious freediving schools in the world, becoming a freediving instructor. Having grown up by the ocean in his native Brittany, he is passionate about the sea and any aquatic activities. Having in mind the project of founding Freediving Cruises for many years, he eventually became a professional skipper in 2020 to make his dream come true.

Realizing how much Mediterranean countries had to offer in terms of ocean beauties, either islands, pristine waters or marine life, he decided to offer his services and share his knowledge, skills and experience with other sea lovers.


What to expect from this

Through personalized coaching sessions, you will work on defining and planning your transition towards a life that truly resonates with you.

Sailing and freediving will be your allies in this quest for self-discovery, offering moments of pure connection with nature and yourself.


This journey promises a renewal, an opportunity to redefine your priorities and leave with a clear vision and an action plan for your future.

Our therapeutic sailing journey is not just a simple getaway; it’s an introspective adventure, a journey designed to guide you towards discovering your unlimited potential. Book your spot onboard and prepare to set sail towards your new life.

About the sailing yacht

Our modern sailing yachts have every luxury you need to enjoy wonderful times on the water and are suitable for both coastal and offshore sailing. They are also perfect for a week-long cruise as well as for learning freediving, helping in sailing, practicing yoga and other workshops or just enjoy the trip and go for a swim. The boats we operate can accommodate up to 10 guests, yet our cruises welcome up to 6 participants for more comfort onboard. Whether you travel as a group, a family with children or alone, you can choose to either charter a cabin or a boat with us, we will then organize everything for you

With its classic, single hulled template, the monohull is the original sailboat. Designed with performance in mind, monohulls are the best choice whether the conditions are flat and calm or rough and wild. Each of the four spacious cabins includes a private head, plenty of storage and adequate head room. The contemporarily-styled sailboat comfortably sleeps up to 8 guests including crew. On deck, the sloping wraparound side decks allow for safe and seamless movement between the cockpit, foredeck and living spaces.

What's included

  • 8-day / 7-night cruise with accommodation onboard
  • Professional skipper & freediving instructor
  • Coffee, tea and post dive refreshments
  • Full certifying Molchanovs Freediving course
  • Freediving online materials, related workshops and training sessions
  • Specific freediving equipment
  • Bed linens & towels
  • Check-out cleaning

What's to be planned

  • Foods onboard
  • Flight tickets & transfers to/from harbor
  • Land excursions and visit entrance fees
  • Insurance and visa related fees
  • Other diving rental equipment
  • Staff / crew gratuities

Split Archipelago route overview

Departure / Return : Trogir, Croatia


Veli Drvenik






Detailed route

  • Meeting point : Trogir, Croatia

This route is given for information purposes. During boat charter cruises, you are free to set the route you wish. Ask your skipper for suggestions.

Day 1 : Trogir – Drvenik Veli

Boarding, general and safety briefing with the crew at the marina. We will then sail out towards Drvenik Veli, away from the bustling mainland and stopping by Blue Lagoon for a swim, immediately bringing a taste of freedom and adventure to our holidays. We will anchor in a quiet bay for the night. Stress-free day with some discussions about the therapeutical journey in the evening.

Day 2 : Drvenik Veli – Vis

After a relaxed morning including stretching and breathing exercises, we will have our first freediving session, In the afternoon, we will then put the sails out and make our way towards Vis island, the remotest and the most fascinating of all the Dalmatian islands. Therapeutical workshops on the way. Anchoring at night next to a former submarine tunnel. Possibility to visit an old WWII military tunnel and fortress and stay overnight nearby.

Day 3 : Vis – Komiža

Visit of a former submarine tunnel and military fort before sailing around the island of Vis and reach Komiža, a beautiful little port in the west. Therapeutical workshops and freediving in the bay facing Komiza

Day 4 : KomižaBiševo

As the sun rises, morning wreck dive located ten meters below the surface and then to the nearby island Biševo to see amazingly beautiful natural treasures, the Blue and Green Caves. Therapeutical workshops in the late afternoon, with the possibility to perform a shallow water freediving session in a secluded bay. Enjoy the sunset from the sandy beach. Lectures and workshops or just chill and enjoy this quiet and peaceful evening.

Day 5 : Biševo – Palmižana

On our possible only rest day of the week, enjoy a quiet morning with some meditation, stretching and yoga on the beach. Sailing back up North towards and around the Pakleni islands and Palmižana. Sailing practice on the way, as well as a few stops to swim and discover hidden natural gems. Lectures and workshops in the late afternoon, possibility to stay in Palmižana marina for the night.

Day 6 : Palmižana – Milna

Morning relaxation and freediving session during the day. Visit of Brac island, possibility to visit and stay in beautiful Milna, an authentic and unspoiled small port of 900 inhabitants Alternative is to anchor in a small bay farther east to keep practicing freediving through fun dives on a small fisherman shipwreck. Therapeutical workshops in the evening.

Day 7 : Milna – Trogir

Morning relaxation, therapeutical workshops and freediving session in the morning. Lectures and workshops before heading back to Trogir in late afternoon. Visit of the historic centre of Trogir, UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Venetian architecture. Enjoy this last night and celebrate the end of a week full of memories and the beginning of new friendships and the beginning of your inner journey.

Useful information

How to get to the marina of Trogir ?

  • Closest airport : Split international airport, Croatia
  • From Split airport to Trogir marina : 6 km (10-15 minutes)

Departure and return times

  • Departure on Saturday at 5pm
  • Return on Friday at 6pm


We can arrange for provisions for you before departure. A hostess can also be hired and join us on board to make your trip a real holiday. Please let us know in your quote request.

Can the route be modified ?

Please be aware that your itinerary needs to remain flexible for safety matters, as it is influenced by external factors such as weather, wind and sea conditions, technical issues and how busy it is. We have found that predetermined itineraries simply don’t work, and that you should trust your skipper for local and up to date advice based on your preferences.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Visas requirements

  • European citizens can enter Croatia with a valid ID or passport


Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more general information.


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