Online freediving theory course


Apr 14, 2022

Get started with your freediving without getting wet!


Summer is coming. Don’t wait and start learning and practicing freediving from home right now! You can complete the theory section of any course level online while going over all relaxation and breathing techniques (so-called “dry skills”) and perform your first breath holds.

Once certified, you will have a lifetime access to a Dry Base Training program which is a combination of dry and equalization training to help to improve even when you don’t have access to the water.

With this certification, you are well prepared to cover your pool (LAP) and/or open water (WAVE) requirements. It is a perfect opportunity to get a head start for your next freediving trip, develop fine motor skills to equalize more efficiently, and prepare your body and mind best for the underwater world awaiting you!

In order to complete your education, you could for example join our freediving cruise taking place from May 28th to June 04th 2022 from Dubrovnik, towards the Mljet national park and up to Korcula. 8 days and 7 nights on a luxury sailing boat or catamaran to learn or practice intensively freediving while sailing in one of the most beautiful and least busy maritime regions of Croatia.

Online Theory Course price is set to 100€. If you later on sign up for a Wave 1 / Lap 1 course with us, get a 100€ discount on the price of the course:

You’ll only add up the difference! Sign up for our Online Theory Course!

What is included in the online theory course:

– 1-day course (4 to 6 hours)
– Theory course including online manual
– Molchanovs certification
– 2 dry workshops
– Lifetime access to the dry base training program
– Possibility to upgrade to LAP 1 / WAVE 1 courses anytime you want



For more information about our freediving cruises or the other services we offer, you can read our FAQ, our terms and conditions or directly contact us. You can also fill in this Freediving Course Questionnaire so we know more about you, your expectations and availability.

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