Session d’entraînement / de coaching

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Session d’entraînement / de coaching

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Vous recevrez un entraînement sur mesure en fonction de votre niveau et vous serez coaché et recevrez des retours pertinents sur votre technique tout en étant assuré d’avoir un binôme et une sécurité appropriée.

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Si vous êtes déjà un apnéiste certifié et que vous souhaitez passer plus de temps avec un instructeur pour affiner vos compétences, approfondir ou travailler certains aspects spécifiques de vos plongées, alors les sessions d’entraînement et de coaching répondront à ce que vous recherchez.

Vous recevrez un entraînement sur mesure en fonction de votre niveau et vous serez coaché et recevrez des retours pertinents sur votre technique tout en étant assuré d'avoir un binôme et une sécurité appropriée.

Les sessions d'entraînement et de coaching peuvent être prises individuellement ou sous forme de forfait de plusieurs sessions. Vous pouvez également décider de partager la session avec d'autres apnéistes ou obtenir toute l'attention de l'instructeur rien que pour vous.


Ce qui est inclus dans les sessions d'entraînement / de coaching :

  • briefing / debriefing avant et après la session
  • Session pratique en piscine / pleine mer
  • Equipement de sécurité

Informations complémentaires

Forfait entraînement

Session unique, 5 sessions, 10 sessions

3 avis pour Session d’entraînement / de coaching

  1. Victor G.

    I reluctantly resumed freediving after having a serious sinuses accident while diving. Nico was recommended to me to have individual coaching and I couldn’t be happier with the experience, we started very slowly to make sure no issues were seen due to equalization and he quickly coached me to my previous level, Nico also provided me with dry lessons and gave me many tips in and out of the water to able to reach my personal best time after time. I would be more than happy to recommended him to anyone! I’m sure we’ll be diving again together at some point, see you in the future in Dahab.

    • Nicolas | Freediving Cruises

      Thanks Victor, I really appreciated diving with you and seeing you being comfier in the water and better enjoying your sessions one after another, despite the early schedule. Keep practicing in and out of the water, your perseverance, trust and patience will keep increasing your performances tenfold!

  2. Michele U.

    I did my 10 coaching sessions with Nicolas. He’s really careful and a committed coach. He helped me a lot to gain confidence, patience and improve my skills. I would definitely recommend him if you’re planning to step up in your freediving goals.
    Thanks a lot

    • Nicolas | Freediving Cruises

      Your hard work and commitment paid off and it was a real pleasure to witness your improvements in such a short time and to dive with you. No doubts you’ll reach new depths very soon from now on!

  3. Alice S.

    I had some training sessions with Nicolas, he was a super patient and experienced freediver, instructor and coach. I would highly recommend to have a freediving journey with him, he can easily point out your problems during diving and give you valuable tips which helps me a lot in going deeper comfortably. He makes you feel calm and safe in the water, I had some of the most joyful training experiences with him.

    • Nicolas | Freediving Cruises

      I’m glad to know you enjoyed your time training and that you were satisfied with the results you obtained, congratulations. I was really impressed by your natural talent in freediving as well as your ability to listen and improve your skills in order to reach your objectives. I wish you great success in your upcoming freediving projects!

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